I am working on a small status update video for today… I will edit it into this post when it is done!

I’m hoping to get it done by tonight, but if not, definitely tomorrow morning. Got dragged away from home, will work in it more when I get back… I figured I may as well run some quality renders so consider it a bonus.

EDIT: I noticed that there is an issue with the website… In firefox, the backgrounds inside the title and content areas of my posts/pages look fine, but in google chrome there are ugly cut-out boxes. I’m going to have to work on a fix later.

EDIT2: Ok, looks like its fixed… apparently I have to put in the “fill” tag in my border code. If anyone sees any anomolies in the website that don’t look quite right, feel free to comment and let me know!

EDIT3: Hmm, the backgrounds don’t show at all on newer version of firefox… yet they show on the older version? These browser quirks are making no sense. Ah well, I’m actually not too concerned considering I feel Mozilla went way in the wrong direction with their browser’s development.

EDIT4: Ok, I think I got the background panels working in both Chrome and Firefox… was bugging me because I still use Firefox 3.6. I don’t really care for chrome or the current firefox, I hate the way the buttons are organized. If I am ever forced to update maybe there’s a custom plugin I can get to emulate the setup i’m used to.