I know there hasn’t been much to look at the past few days. I’m organizing my files and determined what there is left to do exactly before I have the minimum assets required to start animating this episode. Here’s whats left for those curious:

  • 2 more backgrounds to model/light up (and a few corresponding props/things)… Rayva’s newsroom is one of these.
  • Rayva’s thug + uniform character model… part of me wants to make this inspired by the uniforms in “Spaceballs”! with the clunky helmets and spandexes …heh.
  • 2 more main character models (Karnagie and his superior). Karnagie is going to be a pain in the ass to model… I know it. I delegated the uniform design that both characters will be wearing, so at least that’s off my hands for now.
  • Re-model the mineship to have cleaner geometry and overall look better.
  • 2-4 more morphic “extras” models. Basically minor re-shaping/skinning of the current models I have completed so far.
  • At least 1 Lugarian and 1 Brakkian ship for the big room.
  • A bunch of simplistic Low-poly character models with corresponding stock animations: only to be used at a distance for the large populated area. Minor re-colorings and basic re-shaping should achieve the populated effect I want without killing my system during renders.
  • Final revision of the script: Although I try my best to plan ahead and make my script as solid as possible, in a production like this combined with my skill limitations it is harder to do. In a professional production, I imagine the script is set in stone BEFORE any assets are worked on… we are not professionals. Now that I can see the majority of content that will be used in EP 005, I have some script revisions and ideas that will be applied to the work that is completed now. The base story is the same, I just want to enhance what I already have in place to make it seem more alive.

And… I think that’s all for visual assets! Of course, this excludes hypervoxel design (if used) and post production special effects.

EDIT: Oh, and I got another completed ship from Øystein! This time, more of an older-styled vessel which looks more designed for large cargo transport across deep space territories and less for travel on planetary surfaces. I also got some work from Raymation3d, but will save it for tomorrow’s post.