Modeled my first Lugarian ship… this design has been sitting in my sketchbook for a little more than a year now and it is good to finally put something in those pages to life. The sketchbook design looks a little different… perhaps I’ll make a variant of this design that more closely resembles my sketchbook and make it a mid-sized Lugarian ship.

Now to make a Brakkian ship. Brakkians approach making spacecraft very, very differently: the ship moves and is controlled like it is an organic entity and can take on any shape desired at almost any time so long as the material it is made of is able to be manipulated by the Brakkian or Brakkian crew. Obviously, Brakkian ships can only be inhabited by Brakkians as they are not seriously threatened by space vacuum (though full exposure will kill them by dispersion) nor do they require any compounds like oxygen or otherwise. In other words, Brakkians integrate themselves into the vessels they pilot.