Raymation3d sent me some WIP models for ships that will appear in the big room. These vessels look very modern and make a good contrast to Øystein’s ships; variety and differing styles is just what i’m looking for in this diverse environment. I find the one with the tendrils quite interesting, very organic-looking… I wonder how he’s going to texture them.

Also, today i’m going to be working on a few things:

-Rayva’s company logo (which may go on the uniform design). This is going to require some thinking…
-Rayva’s Lugarian henchman uniform design + model… still undecided as to what I want, so I will experiment. Sometimes, you just have to splash some messy color onto the blank canvas and shape it from there.
-Adjust the Lugarian rig to utilize the improvements I developed when making the new mineship.
-Apply the mineship rig to all ships I intend to animate that require more than simple movements (basically just replacing the model and making separate scene files so I can just plug em in).

Regarding the website: I found the comments section graphics/borders are not showing in google chrome… Ararrrrghhhh!!!1111! Browser quirks are maddening!!! Hulk mad! HULK SMASH!

Finally, I was thinking of utilizing my second YouTube channel to upload mini-videos that show stuff that is hard to show through images, such as animations and rig setups. It is going to be hard to update meaningfully as I get closer and closer to the animation phase. I don’t want to put stuff like that on my main channel though because I like to reserve that for either completed projects or temporary “delete later” videos.