I’m kind of fumbling with Karnagie here, but I’m trying my best. Nothing but frustration and trashed models to show yet. I want a unique model for him, not a template like all the others have been (Dijard’s head was used to build Rudo and Lucius’s heads)… mainly because a feline mouth doesn’t really translate well and the poly flow from trying to template-out Karnagie wouldn’t be usable at the quality level that I want.

Character modeling is something that has always intimidated me and still does… I know I’m not good at it and it is far less enjoyable for me than things like animation and even background/prop modeling. The finished result is satisfying… but the process is gruesome and extremely time consuming (for reference, it took me 2 days just to make the head of Lucius). I’ve tried to look up character modeling tutorials in the past and before I started working on Karnagie, but I run into several consistent problems:

– The tutorial ends up being a preview of one you have to pay to watch the full version.
– The tutorial is done by someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing.
– The tutorial is done by someone who knows what they are doing, but has no idea how to make an idea concise, easy to understand, and presentable (think 20-part tutorials where half the time the narrator is throwing in useless info).
– The tutorial is missing pieces of information that make the entire video worthless (or worse yet, is incomplete).
– The tutorial utilizes software I do not have (like zbrush) and cannot be translated into Lightwave. At least most modeling programs fairly are similar in approach…
– Narrators never seem to speak clearly or set their microphone volume high enough while recording… argh!
– The tutorial is highly focused on human models.

Down the road, I would like to try finding something…. anything that can help me get better at modeling because I feel like I’ve reached a brick wall as to what I can learn by myself. In time, I hope to make more of my own FREE 3d tutorials so no one has to go through the same frustration I do.

and as a final note, if anyone knows of any good character modeling tutorials they think would help me, please send them my way!! I’ll take any advice I can get… I especially have trouble when it comes to shaping the eyebrows and forming up the mouth… the poly flow I end up with tends to be poor.