First, finished ship by Raymation3d… I decided to do a fancy radiosity render w/ bloom image option. Apparently, the “textured background” option also affects radiosity’s light calculations… I find that strange. When Raymation3d finishes the other 2 ships, I will have a total of 9 unique vessels for use in the big background we finished a few weeks back (3 from me, 3 from Øystein, and 3 from Raymation3d). The way I see it working is that the 9 modeled ships I have will be used in more foreground elements, and simpler, quickly made low poly ships will be placed mid-distance and further. Also, I might decide to see if anyone has any free modeled spaceships that I’d be able to drop into that scene as well… perhaps the creators may get a kick out of seeing their work used in a production like Delura eh?

Also! I got the hard drive I ordered in the mail today… 500 gigs of space will suit my needs for a good while (like, probably 10+ episodes worth of production files/videos will fit on here!) This upgrade was made possible by Damien’s crazily generous donation. Thanks again man!

It is installed, but I discovered that my motherboard only has 1 SATA port, so I will need to dig up a PCI SATA controller which will allow me to put multiple SATA hard drives into my computer. My motherboard was made primarily for IDE drives. Fortunately, SATA controllers are dirt cheap (some the price of a candy bar) so it won’t be an issue, but I will need to wait about 6 more days before I can get my new drive working. Once that’s done, I’ll be migrating all of my production files to that drive.