For the past few days I’ve been feeling really troubled about how little I seem to be getting done on a daily basis due to the effects of a lowered morale and struggling to overcome the limitations of my knowledge… but I think that’s going to change very soon.

After diverting myself to sound production for 2 days I finally feel like I made some progress with the Karnagie model after coming back to it. The most important thing about his model is to put a commanding fierceness into to his eyes… I’m closer but not quite there yet. 11:33pm… i’ll probably be up all night working on Karnagie… it always seems like my most productive hours linger around 11pm and 4am… no idea why either.

Also, got little more done on the music compilation… completing this song is going to be like working on a jigsaw puzzle, I just need to find those pieces that fit.