Kind of embarrassing to post this, but I’d rather people know than be in the dark (no pun intended):

We receive energy assistance to ease the burden of keeping electricity in our home… well, in a yearly “re-verification” form, I was notified that because I put “N/A” for items that did not apply to me, they could not process the paperwork needed to give me energy benefits for the year. I was baffled and pretty damn angry about this, especially because our home now has no electricity. So, even though it makes MORE sense for me to put “N/A” for things like “veteran war pay” or “stocks/bonds” (I didn’t serve in any wars nor do I own any stocks or bonds), I somehow should have known that the answer the organization wanted was “0”… it makes absolutely no sense and I have no idea how they expect me to know that.

After a frustrating day I managed to get a hold of the right people and companies (which was quite difficult)… but our home will be without electricity until probably next Wednesday.

Good news though: I hauled my computer with us and we’ll be staying temporarily at a relative’s place until we can get electricity back in our home. Not exactly optimal working conditions, but I suppose I’ve dealt with worse before…

I hope to get back into the groove of things tomorrow… I don’t know what it was about last week… I felt groggy and really crappy, but I’m feeling better today despite the setback. Perhaps I was sick and didn’t know it? Maybe a change of environment will do me some good eh?