Also, I got the SATA controller card plugged into my computer and the 500 gig hard drive I got is working and operational. I will be migrating all 50 gigs worth of Delura content to the drive tomorrow (yep, that’s 1/4th the storage capacity of my old hard drive). It’ll be so nice to actually be able to put my renders in the same folders as my Delura project folder… because I partition out my drives, I had to juggle between the partitions for space which was a hassle.

Also, I got some of the finalized scripts + detailed notes sent out to the voice actors. Been doing a lot of work on the script… trimming, re-doing, editing, tweaking… etc. I tossed most of the original “government senate” script and really condensed it down as I felt it had too much “filler” content. I’m probably going to give Rudo’s lines/actions/dialogue another polish pass too. I’m also adding a scene as I feel EP 005 may be too short if I do not include it plus it reveals a lot concerning Rudo’s past and why he works for TIMCO.

One thing is for certain, I want to get as much storyline out of the TONS of assets that have been created thus far as I possibly can before moving onto the climatic ending of the first arc concerning Delura (I estimate that will be EP 009… that could change though).