Just a quick reskin/re-fur of the previously done extra… I’m still experimenting with alpha hair and how to make my workflow more seamless. I know i’ll be in good shape when I can just create fur/hair without really having to think about how to do it so much.

Did some more work on the proxy ships… nothing sophisticated, just re-colored a single metal texture a bunch of times and applied it to the various models. I really wish Lightwave’s image “edit” feature worked… well… it does, but as soon as you close the scene your changes disappear regardless of how you save your file. A working feature like that would be extremely handy for my purposes… ah well.

Tomorrow, I’ll decide whether I want to polish up Rudo’s dialogue and the new scene or work on a few more art elements… depends on whether I’m more in a writing or artistic mood. Or, if I’m feeling really productive, both.