Øystein sent me his contribution of the escape access point environment that will appear at the end of EP 005. I told him I didn’t need anything too sophisticated, and that I could take care of the extra little details such as adding light fixtures and touchups. Since Øystein is working in Maya, I had to re-assign the textures along with most of their surface properties… (I did have UV’s from him though, which helped tremendously) some adjustments are still needed due to the “translation” between programs (note the texture errors in the image to the right). Obviously, the lighting is just a placeholder till I can get the place properly lit.

This is a multi-gravity room, so Øystein only had to make the entryway+one corner of the room (with texturing) and I simply mirrored it where needed. Hopefully, when I get it all polished up and finished it will do justice to his hard work and contributions.