At least for the time being, I’m considering this environment done and ready for animation. I may make some minor changes and adjustments depending on the camera angles I choose, but I don’t feel adding additional effort will create any more visual benefit/effect based on my limited skills and tools at this time. Lighting is, to me, a task of extreme drudgery and tediousness concerning 3d production (down there with surfacing)… mainly because of the sheer amount of guesswork and blind-working involved in the process. The workflow of surfacing and lighting feels so sluggish that I’m actually considering using blender + light baking. The latest version of Blender i’ve seen has some form of rudementary VPR-like functionality. Whether it is actually a feasible or worthwhile option for me to explore I have no idea at this time. It may be something I consider when in the planning stages of EP 006.

I did do some experimenting with this new scene… for instance, the light effect in the center of the hallway is actually a texture, not a light. I also played around with the concepts of light masking in order to achieve projected light shapes other than spherical, though I don’t think the method of masking I’m using is usable quite yet.