I wasn’t too happy with the modeling/texturing I did for the body of the mineship, so when Øystein asked me if I’d like anything else done, I in turn asked him if he could give the mineship some modeling/surfacing love. He contributed the body and texture, and I added the lights, trim, minor geometry changes and window surfacing. He did this in an evening… if it were me trying to do this it’d be a 3+ day project.

What a difference spec/bump/reflection maps make… I almost want to say it is overkill, heh… but it looks damn good. For reference, compare it to the old version. He tells me he wants to get better at texturing… … can you believe that?

Anyways… 2 more simple backgrounds to get through and I am ready for animation. I do still need to do some scriptwork as well and correspond with the voice actors over what is left to do.

Update on electricity issue: my estimate is that we’ll be without electricity for the rest of the month. Once I jump through all the stupid flaming hoops to get that stupid clerical error dealt with we’ll be able to return home. What a hassle… i’ve already written letters of complaint to those responsible (along with demand for explanation behind the “N/A” issue), but somehow I think they’ll just end up in a recycle bin.

Final note for today: Sucks, but I can’t do anything that involves voiceovers over here… too much noise and nowhere to go for recording. That said, any side projects or similar publications will be put on hold until we can get back to our home; this includes even non-delura stuff.