I finally managed to get our electric company to recognize the mistakes they made and I was able to work out the issues revolving around our utility shutoff. We will have electricity in our home by the end of the week… turns out it was a long chain of things that went wrong on not only their end, but also with other companies that we go through to help with our utility bills. I’ll be glad to finally get things back to normal around here… spending 10 hours a week calling/writing to 3 different organizations and companies to get things straightened out is not exactly a fun chore. That’s the problem with problems that are interrelated… you call one place, and immediately the person will tell you to call the other place… it is maddening. In any case, it is an 800 pound weight off my chest.

Concerning Delura, I have a lot of scriptwork to do, as nearly all of the visual assets are complete… so that’s what I’ll be working on. There won’t be much to show while I work on that, but I’ll see what I can come up with for interesting updates. I think sometime mid-way through animation I want to make up Developer’s Diary #6 which will detail my experiences on visual collaboration from the vantage point of the developer… I think people as well as developers like myself could find it quite interesting.