Parker, producer of Adrenaline Street Racing finished lighting this room today and I am deeply grateful as I’m sure this was no small project… he admitted it is among of the most complex environments he’s ever had to add lighting to. He even adjusted some of the surface settings in the scene for me. One of the coolest things about his lighting method is the AO (ambient occlusion) shaders utilized which add rich lighting detail with almost no overhead whatsoever. This is advantageous over radiosity in the fact that the look of the lighting isn’t dependent on the camera angle giving me freedom of movement here (in other words, every camera angle doesn’t need a special cache file). There are actually only about 20 lights in this scene, a good chunk of them placed in areas where traffic is expected.

I will likely make a few tweaks here and there depending on the shots I choose, but I will do that during the animation process as I typically have separate lights that only affect the characters and their immediate environments anyways. My first thought is to tone down the glow a little and add some splashes of color where I feel it is needed. Anything else is just fine-tuning.

I am very excited about utilizing this scene… but there is still a portion of scriptwork to do before I can send off to the voice actors and begin on the very first animation elements of Delura EP 005. This is just an estimate, and it could very likely change, but I expect to be finished with Delura EP 005 in 1.5 months from the date of this post. Based off the script, I think the installment will be about 12-15 minutes in length and 006 and 007 may require about 1-2 months each to produce. I’m going to try to keep to those goals… no guarantees. Granted, this year has been pretty rough… but I think we’re doing well despite the setbacks, and in part thanks to the help/support of our fans :). Electricity in our home to be turned on tomorrow… I hope I don’t have to go through red-tape hell again in the near future!

EDIT: I really need to remove those stupid placeholder figurines…