Raymation sent me the finished rendition of last of the ships he contributed. I got these a week ago but didn’t get around to updating until now. I especially like the organic-looking one… to me I’d dare call it Brakkian-ish and I’ll be rigging it up proper to give it the fluid movement its design implies. The other seems kind of like some automated drone or mining unit of some sort… I might actually pull it away from the big room and put it in the mines with the mineships, but I’m undecided right now. I will decide when I get to animating.

Also, turns out the “feeling like crap” post on March 29th was the prelude to the sinus infection I was treated for today, the pain and discomfort is awful. I get these yearly… I just tend to wait ~2 weeks before decided to get treated in hopes it is a regular cold/flu.

Finally, I will be visiting my mom over the next week (we don’t live in the same state)… however I will still be working on Delura where I can and hope to be well into the animation phase by the time I get back. I am not sure how frequently I’ll be able to update while over there, so if I get quiet after this post for a week that is why.