The right is a really rough hologram of the planet Tanadrine… not too much detail due to time constraints and the fact it is not really a foreground element in this scene. Taben actually drew the original map (like, 13 years ago) but I modified it to use a blueprint-style color and put in some implied-detail lines. Tanadrine spins mostly on its side relative to its sun, thus the ice caps are to the east and west, not north and south. Not modeled yet is the artificial megastructure “the Grid”, which forms a gigantic ring around the planet.

Spent some time experimenting with a new method of camera animation that I’m pretty damn excited about. I asked recently on the Lightwave forums about how to animate a camera on a path but have tight control over the speed at which it travels at any point, and the responses I got led me to rethink how I do camerawork… I really owe the Lightwave community a LOT for what I know now, and for answering questions to problems that would otherwise be extremely difficult to solve. If it means what I think it does, unwanted XYZ motions and unexpected HPB rotations will no longer stutter my camera workflow.

Anyways, In order to complete this scene I need to create all of the simple prop artwork that goes along with it that will be animated along with the character interacting with them. The pic shown above isn’t what will be used in the actual scene: the character will actually be animating a miniature version of something that will be hugely magnified behind/above him. Finally, I do have a general idea of how I want the character to move in this scene, but I might still do a storyboard of poses to help clarify the concept.