Shadow Mystic Studios sent me in a WIP of the computer + desk that will be replacing the placeholder in this room (upper right pic in link), I’m liking the familiar-yet-different look and look forward to seeing what the final product might look like. The only real input I gave him was to make the “floppy disks” triangular instead of square, and what input devices were needed (wireless headset, mouse and keyboard. Monitor + CPU). I may add some misc detail when he’s done such as stacking up the disks, adding a tray for them or adding misc knick-knacks like you’d see at anyone’s office desk.

Only got about 10 seconds of animation done today… I also had to edit Edwyn Tiong’s vocals by mixing it with other SFX and adding resonance to make it appear he spoke in a large stadium-like room (you can thank Audacity’s Gverb plugin for that). More tweaks to do visually, but I will peck at them as I animate.