I’ll be working on render prep tomorrow morning for the first scene of Delura! Finally I get to see some of the first images come alive and not just see them through crappy openGL previews, wireframes, and all that other low-detail nonsense. The past week has been really crappy production-wise (ugh… it shows in my blog! Shame on me!), but I hope to get back on track tomorrow. Anyways, a few things I need to determine when I do render prep:

-Determine what is acceptable concerning video to use across all scenes. I’m going to stick with 1280×720 resolution, but the FPS of Delura is now going to be 15 instead of 20. I believe the format will still be Divx 5.1… but I’ll take another look and make sure there isn’t something more optimal.

-Compositing to save render time? I’m going to be experimenting with masking a bit… I may be able to achieve budgeting of render time for things like 5-7 pass motion blur and bloom if I can separate the characters/foreground from the background without impacting visuals. A lot of times, only the foreground elements of animation really need motion blur, but I’m concerned that trying to juggle with lots of masks and object settings will complicate the work that needs done and require more time than I’d save in production… remember I don’t benefit from compositing software so I’d have to do everything within Lightwave (inefficient). I’m going to try to use the most optimal settings possible to get quality images out of my renders… but it is something that will need to work across *all* scenes in Delura… not just smaller, lower detailed ones. We’ll see how it goes…

-Music. I need to scout for people who might be interested in helping me with the music for Delura… if I could get someone to help me in that department, it’d shave at least a week off my production schedule and would probably sound a hell of a lot better. My first thought is to scout the forums of music compilation softwares such as FL studio and Cubase.

Yeah, time to get serious.

The next scene I’ll be working on will be Rayva’s part, the animation should be simpler, but I do need to primarily animate Rayva’s arms via IK instead of FK since she will be at a desk most the time.