Did some near-final version renders with photoreal motion blur enabled, 5 passes and baked radiosity lighting comes out to a flat 4 minutes per frame… it looks pretty damn good too, I guess being able to eliminate the many lights in my scene by utilizing a baked solution is really paying off. Before I do any overnight renders though, I want to see if I can budget for depth of field effects… I would really like the option to sharpen foreground elements and blur the background… or vice versa. I think it would look good… if it doesn’t throw a wrench into my rendering times and workflow.

Also… something else i’ve been thinking about quite extensively…

Remember this post back in October last year?

I feel i’ve met or came close to most of the goals established there… but there is one point I am still wrestling with in my mind: “keep installments shorter”. And it has me thinking about exactly what would feel right to the viewer while still keeping in line with my current storyline. Let me elaborate:

Right now, it is estimated Delura EP 005 unchanged would be around 15-20 minutes in length… theoretically, I could break up every individual scene into a separate YouTube upload so that in-between episodes so the series appear more active, even though the same amount of work is being done either way. After all, this isn’t going on TV or anything that would be time-slotted, so it is an option, right? Because many of the art assets are completed for the next 3 installments, much more attention will be focused on animation and production than modeling and art… it is so great to have the baseline assets needed for the series, heh.

So… lets say Delura EP 005 could actually be cut into 5 videos (it has 5 main scenes). I could adopt a new numbering system such as…

Delura EP 005.01
Delura EP 005.02
Delura EP 005.03x + Credits (note, credits will be displayed in text in YouTube descriptions and on this website for every “part”, but I think for the video itself it’d be more appropriate if I rolled the credits at the end of the “episode”).

Whereas, the “005.01” would denote part 1, “005.02” is part 2, etc. The “x” would indicate that it is the end of that episode and the next installment will start with “006.01”

Lets say I want to deviate and make something that isn’t exactly an “arc”, but is still related to the Delura universe.

Delura “name of short”
“Ref. EP 005.01” (optional, the second line indicates whether the short will make more sense if the main series is watched first)

Obviously, shorts would need to have their labeling/titles at the beginning of the installment instead of at the end if the reference line were to actually be functional.

I’ve been doing a lot of pondering…