I’m anxious to get these renders started… but I also want to get as much out of my renders as possible, so I’m taking some time to do some research and development here.

Check out these 2 images… these were produced using the digital confusion image filter plugin native to Lightwave 9.6… Parker actually gave me a heads up to this option months ago, but I’m just now able to finally explore and experiment with it.

I’m still toying with settings and test renders… but I think I can get some pretty good quality results using digital confusion for all my normal DoF needs assuming it looks decent in motion. If I need something that’s *really* clean and fancy, then I can utilize masking techniques… but masking is something I’d only reserve for very important shots as it is pretty work intensive otherwise.

The cool thing about digital confusion is that since it is a post processing image filter, it only adds a small amount of time to my render calculations… seems to be between 10 seconds to 2 minutes depending on settings/positioning of objects.

Once I get a firm grasp on Digital Confusion, I’ll be making a quick camera-null rig so I can visually adjust the camera focus… shouldn’t be too hard. This is needed because adjusting the settings is entirely number-based… and I need to make it a visual process that can be manipulated in the 3d window. I’ll show off the rig when I’m done with it.