Just some detailing on my work with camera DOF in Lightwave… Assuming no problems, I will be using new tools and a new camera rig to enhance the amount of visual effects I can achieve when rendering images. I hope to actually have everything in place for rendering tomorrow… … … I mean it this time!

By the way, my estimates for the first scene of Delura should be around 6 minutes per frame over 1553 frames (1 minute and 47 seconds)… that’s 155.3 hours of computations divided over 2 computers. So, assuming I just run them overnight, 16 hours of crunching a day means the scene can be finished easily in a week. Not too bad.

Also, just did a test render for the big industrial zone room… looks like it is around 12 minutes per frame with all of the visual elements in place. My computer will be doubling as a personal space heater this summer, that’s for sure.