I realized while trying to implement the DOF camera rig into my scene that I entirely forgot to take into account that the scale of the camera tends to change depending on the grid size of the layout viewport… so, the rig is microscopic compared to my scene, and attaching the rig to the camera does not adjust the scale of the object like with normal objects, which means the rig is totally unusable for the time being. The food tray test object I used was a pre-delura model… it wasn’t scaled properly at all, a lot of my models before the Delura project have some crazy scale values.

I guess for now I’ll do manual controls until I can make the camera rig functional… the rig will need function at Delura’s normal standard scale, which assumes the average humanoid is 20 meters tall… all of Delura’s models and characters were made before I realized making them in real world scale would make certain things easier. Oh well.

EDIT: 9 frames rendered overnight before the computer gave an “out of memory” error. I believe it is due to a Digital Confusion plugin setting that needs to be dialed back or tinkered with.