Finally, I get to start animating some of the stuff that talented contributors have created for the Tor Underground Industrial Commerce Zone (the big room). I have ships from Øystein, Raymation3d and some of my own that will be flying around or parked in the area. I also have motion-captured animations from Ramirez (generated via JimmyRig) which I will be using to animate the near-hundred background pedestrians that will be walking around the place.

My first thought that came to mind when beginning the animation of this place was how to organize it… So, the plan is to simply animate a good pool of motions which all of the ships will use, and when I feel I have enough of them I will be able to swap ships onto different paths and re-use/tweak the animations as I see fit. This is being done in a separate scene, so when I go to animate the main characters in the big room it will initially be empty until I import everything from the “ship/pedestian” version of the scene… When I finish with that, I will then place any ships/animations near or around the main characters to complete the “busy” look of the place. I think I may need to make some “medium” detail pedestrians when I get nearer to completing the animation process.

EDIT: Also, about 75% of EP 005.01 is rendered. Just a little more to go… when all the images are finished to my satisfaction I will pause EP 005.02’s production to complete/upload 005.01.