Meanwhile on Tanadrine…

Sorry for the lack of updates… I’ve had some unexpected “technical difficulties” concerning our internet connection and we will have no internet until the end of the month. My only options to update the website until then are via the local library or my college’s computers.

That said, here’s a status update for you all:

1) I’ve actually been done with 005.01 for almost a week now, but haven’t been able to upload it. Almost all of the animation elements for the Industrial Commerce zone are complete and I will be moving on to character animation for 005.02 pretty soon. It has been a hell of a lot of fun flying around all those ships… I feel like i’m right in the driver’s seat 🙂

2) I will be concurrently working on a new workflow for Delura’s production… but I am torn between how to implement it. Here are my current ideas:

-One possibility is a closed-door, passworded developers-only forum. This forum would only have 1 topic, and the “sticky” thread would contain information on all of the visual/audio elements that need to be completed for use in the show. As people accept tasks, they are edited to indicate they are working on it. If needed, I will upload content (only which I’ve made, or others ONLY with permission) if the work concerns enhancing or altering a currently existing model. This way, people who contribute for Delura will be able to pick and choose freely what they would like to work on… obviously, first come first served!

-Another possibility is to simply make a regular webpage with the info, and simply ask people interested in contributing to e-mail me, in which case i’ll update the website to reflect the fact a particular item is being worked on. The only downside with this option is less centralization of information if collaboration is desired. However, this might be more convenient in a way.

I feel that something like the above described in point 2 is really needed for the Delura project to grow even more.

3) The format change is in place as mentioned in previous posts: I will be releasing Delura episodes by the scene rather than by the installment, as denoted by the “.01” in the “005.01” numbering. Concerning the credits portion, i’m leaving it out of the video itself until the final “part” of the particular installment, but I will still put credits in the YouTube description with every upload. So, when Delura EP 005.04 rolls around, then the full credits of everyone who has contributed to that installment for all parts will be played in the video. Fair enough?

4) I have a few side-projects i’ll be working on that will be released sometime between today’s uploaded installment and EP 005.02. Specifically, indie highlights and developer’s diary #5… I’ve been meaning to do those for a while but as some of you know… this year has been a little crazy.