There isn’t much I can do right now in the line of updates, but I’ll at least outline what has been done:

-Developer’s Diary #6 is mostly done, it just needs corresponding footage and I need to email some of Delura’s contributors for permission to display their work in the video… i’ll wait to do that until we have internet access again at home before I do much more on that though.

-I’ll be working on this series for Indie Highlights next week… I want to have access to any resources needed to compile footage and write narration and I think it’d be a lot easier to do if I waited until then.

-All of the ambient animations for the industrial commerce zone is complete… it was quite a massive project in itself. I created dozens of implied detail models and then paired them dozens of animations (with Ramirez’s help) which really makes the place come alive. Dev Diary #6 will have footage of some of it. I utilized MDD files extensively here in order to make the scene workable while still being able to see everything if needed. My only concern however is the fact that Lightwave can’t seem to selectively render Clothfx-MDD-enabled models… by this, I mean it is still dedicating memory to loading up the MDD files even if I uncheck “Active” (to make it not render at all), so if try to render a frame without deleting pedestrians that aren’t on camera or visible, I get “Out of Memory” errors regardless of what settings I use… even segment-rendering and perspective camera doesn’t help. Perhaps I can squirrel away some of my upcoming college loan funds to upgrade… i’ve been meaning to do it for a while but never felt it was really needed until now. I think I can make the scene happen without upgrading, but it would add a bunch of extra steps to production.

-Animation for EP 005.02 is moving along pretty smoothly, it is hard to give ETAs but my intention is to have it all done by mid-June. No promises, but that is my goal.

-There is still some minor modeling/art to do but it shouldn’t be anything that will require a lot of time.

That’s all I can really think of for now. Regular updates should resume by next week if all goes well. Thanks for your patience!