I’m finishing up with my first draft of Indie Highlights edition 2, and hope to have at least a rough version of it done by today.

Since I’m waiting on voice actor work to get to me there isn’t much I can do in the line of animation right now so I’m going to focus on the dev forums in the meantime. The following needs done in that department:

-Create a workable forum post template that is easy to read… but at the same time easy to update.
-Add at least a few initial tasks to get the ball rolling… I won’t be able to add all of them at once so it’ll be done bit by bit.
-Add all of the current contributor forum accounts and send them out.

Strong concepting skills are going to be a big commodity in the forums, but I will do my best to make the tasks understandable and provide supporting reference material as needed… I expect things to be clumsy at first. I eventually need to do a big update on the website to reflect some of the changes/additions concerning collaboration on Delura.

I wish I had more to update with… I suppose in the meantime I can provide the latest music compilation i’ve made which I think might be used in the industrial commerce zone.