Finally, the first 30 seconds is in the bag. Animation has and probably will always be my favorite part of the entire production process… shame I only spend about 10-20% of my time doing it; a figure I hope to change in the future. Ah well, that just means I need to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of that 10-20% of time.

I’ve recently been talking at length with Larry “Splinegod” Shultz; widely considered a master when it comes to Lightwave and he has worked for many big-budget productions up to and including Avatar and Tron. This guy has probably forgotten more about the program than i’ve ever learned since I picked it up 2 years ago… and he proved that to me when he introduced me to tons of tricks and techniques that involve animation and aspects of modeling (especially geometry displacement tricks). Admittedly, it is going to take time to actually implement and grasp some of the ideas he pretty much clotheslined into me… but now I know they exist and that’s the important thing. His advice has already radically changed the way I work… some of which will result in more content in less time, some of which will improve the quality of my work overall, and others which open doors to things I once thought were impossible. To put it simply, I was given information that people normally pay pretty big bucks for… and for that I am extremely grateful.

Anyways… how about some pics for once:

Finally, as noted on the forums, I will disappear for 1 week to celebrate “Hell Week”… the last week in summer college semester that is a nightmare of paperwork and projects. Yayyy!