My estimate is ~1100 frames x 1.5 minutes = 1650 minutes = 27.5 hours + (600 misc frames x .05 minutes) = 32.5 hours / 2 comps = 16.25 hours… Rayva’s room is actually far less demanding computationally than other scenes in Delura thankfully, so I’ll be doing 9-pass renders on non-misc frames.

But first… I need to finish painting up any graphics/screens, so once that is done I can turn the computers into a portable space heaters. Yay.

On an off-topic note, I’ll be working on a polished IKBooster overview video after I wrap up with 005.02.

EDIT: Looks like my estimates were off by 8 hours to make a total of 40 hours. Ah well. Rendering is underway!