There are some long term goals that I would like to reach, so I figured I’d write them down on this blog. Note that nothing here is set in stone and I certainly can’t predict the future, but these are my intentions regardless. Concerning short term goals, my ideas are pretty hazy at this time.

Although I have said that Delura is a no-profit project, that does not mean that I am closed to the idea of making it profitable… I just want people to join us for the right reasons. I want people who are passionate about the project… people I consider my friends. Currently, a long-term plan I have is to do the following:

-Find new ways to put Delura out there (for free)… i’ve actually been kind of lazy about this and have been limiting myself to developer forums, galleries, and similar sites which I know is not optimal. I hate places like facebook so much… I wish I could just do all of my “marketing” activity directly through this website but I know that isn’t a realistic option. The issue I have is that trying to multi-manage many different social groups (IE: facebook, linkedin, etc) is really a job in itself… it would be a whole lot easier if I didn’t also have to do most of the work associated with Delura’s production itself. The sad truth is, as I have been told recently, is that artists of all types are bad at self promotion… and I believe it… and I’m one of those people. Just know I am working on it as best I can… part of indie production is having to do the things you suck at!

-Launch a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign. Before I can do this, however, contracts to purchase the assets/services/etc that all volunteers have contributed will have to be written up, negotiated and signed on physical paper to be sent to us. The purchase agreement will essentially state something like: “If the crowdfunding initiative is successful, you enter a non-revokable agreement to allow us full usage of work you’ve done for Delura in exchange for $X”. This way, hopefully I can make everyone happy with this idea, and it does give an incentive to produce more. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea though; it is still highly unlikely that Delura’s crowdfunding initiative will surpass the financial requirements of making it happen based on the current size of our audience (even if 100% of Delura’s viewers were to contribute $10 at this point, it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the costs of compensating everyone). One idea could be to do a kickstarter for every season of Delura, with incentives being extra content, behind the scenes stuff, a physical DVD, etc.

-Find ways to allow people to purchase additional content. No, I’m not going to make Delura a “pay to play” deal, but I’d like to figure out how I can get “Extra”, exclusive content that people would feel is valuable enough to spend their hard-earned bucks on. To put it concisely, the main production of Delura would be the “attention getter” for the extra content that can be purchased. An example would be animated shorts related to Delura between 2-4 minutes long that would sell for $2-4. Surely, people can afford that, yeah?

If anyone has any commentary or ideas about the above, please feel free to comment to this post. Remember that I am a normal person and there are still a LOT of things that I have absolutely no clue about concerning the development process of an animated series.