LEFT: The shiny parts are bump and spec mapped. To get the lines like that I just bevel-monkeyed them in. I probably could have gotten cleaner lines if I sized up the original image size a bit more… hmm.

RIGHT: I decided to just do a quick bevel/coloration motif here… nothing fancy, but it will serve its purpose.

That finishes the “closeup shot” clothing models I need… now to make a few more “detail” morph heads and I’ll be ready to finish the animation process.

Whew! That sure was a lot of work… but now I have at least a bare-bones pool of clothing templates to utilize for the series. For medium-distance shots, I may utilize the legacy models to put variety into the mix. Some morphs will have “digi-grade” legs, so there will need to be alterations to the clothing for those characters… I may just achieve that with a morph instead of making it a new model.