There may be some errors that pop up on the site as I work on updating wordpress… it is not being nearly as simple as it should be. I backed everything up, so at least if I epic-fail at this I can just re-upload the whole website.

With luck, I’ll be able to enable some cool new features such as people being able to use their facebook accounts to post here and/or share content on the site through social media stuffs.

UPDATE1: The website *seems* to look ok… but the admin panels and stuff are all messed up. Still working on updating.

UPDATE2: Looks browsing using the page links at the bottom of the blog are broken. Looking into it…

UPDATE3: Found the problem… apparently the “Expanding Archives” sidebar plugin is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress so I had to remove it to keep the navigation via the “page 2…3….” links from breaking. I will eventually try to find something to replace it with as navigating the blog is a real pain. On a related note, i’d love to figure out how to get more than 5 items to show

UPDATE4: I found out a way to make it so that our blog now shows 15 entries per page instead of 5 (there was a setting that was overriding wordpress’s default option, which is why it was so difficult to change). Anyone against having more content loaded per page?