The following  user-end updates were made (other than updating our wordpress version):

-You may have noticed the new buttons beneath each post. You can now share anything I post (including any page on this site) on the blog on your preferred social media site. See something you think other people would be interested in seeing? SHARE IT and help us spread the word about Delura! It’s effortless now!

– You can now use facebook, twitter, or accounts to post comments onto this site. You can now set it up so that replies are emailed to you.

-You can now have blog updates emailed to you by clicking the “Follow” button in the lower right corner. (note: I tend to edit/add to my blog posts, so if content differs when you read through the site that is why).

-Number of posts that show on any page was increased from 5 to 15. This should greatly ease navigation through many blog posts.

-I had to remove the “archives” sidebar menu due to incompatibility with latest wordpress. I hope to get it replaced with an equivalent eventually… I really liked that feature 🙁

In addition to the updates listed above, I also have a bunch of admin tools and functions that will make it easier for me to manage the website… like a better WYSIWYG editor, improved website stats, better site distribution (IE: what shows up on google searches), and a few other nifty things.

… this was still gruesome and headache-inducing work… so you all better appreciate it, darnit!