I finally get to animate this guy (Lucius)… This character model has actually been collecting dust for a while, created along with all of the other models back before episode 1 was even released. See, episode 001 actually had a technical production time of around 2 months since the plan was to create a basis for use with all future animations. Its kinda nice now since I can just model what I need from episode to episode and spend more time animating, which is my favorite part of the whole process. I like modeling in small doses.

Anyways, the voice actor for this guy is amazing and it makes it that much more exciting to be working on him now. I have two other excellent volunteer voice actors, but their voice acting will be likely done months before they ever see the result of their work. I’m just as anxious as they are to bring characters to life with their voices.

Oh, and another 30 seconds of animation in the bag. As of this time, I have 4 more minutes worth of animation to do. It is all fairly simple character dialogue from here on out. With 5 days left to meet my monthly video goal (March 21st), that would mean that I’d have to pack away 48 seconds worth of footage a day. This also doesn’t include the Zelminyuminine audition emerging, sound effects and minor post production (most the video-related post production is already done). We’ll see what happens… this stuff will be done next week regardless barring any hurdles I may run across.