Check out these two images…

The top frame required around 35 seconds to render…. the lower frame required 4 minutes. Notice how much more colorful the bottom image is in comparison to the top. The effect of Radiosity is most noticable around the figure’s eyes, ears and mouth. Also note how much smoother the shadows are in the background, the difference is pretty big in my eyes.

For this particular part, I want it to look good… the color of the lighting is very important to the effectiveness of this scene and I think I’m willing to do some serious number crunching to get it to look like this. Adding what is called “Radiosity” calculates how light bounces around in a scene and makes surfaces project colored light. For example, if you shine a light on a shiny red soda can, it will project a soft red color to its surroundings… this is kinda what Radiosity does… but at a price; high rendering times.

Yeah… the dialogue between Lucius (fox) and Karnagie (red tiger) will take approximately 48 hours of straight rendering… every night I can render for a maximum of 16 hours between 2 computers, so a minimum of 3 days is required. Before I do that though, I’ll be doing a low resolution, unsmoothed test render without Radiosity of the entire scene to make sure there’s nothing messed up… with render times this high, its difficult to go back and fix mistakes. Fancy lighting like this is something I intend to use sparingly.

Maybe down the road I’ll come up with some tricks and techniques to “fake” Radiosity so that I can get effects like this without the heavy burden of computing… its a constant learning process, that’s for sure.

On an unrelated note, we still have no voice actor for Zelminyuminine… its going to be difficult to continue animating without an actor, so I may have to require the voice actor who does come along to “dub” the character instead of animating around the person’s voice… its at least somewhat feasible due to the fact Zel has no mouth to animate… I really don’t want to resort to that. I’m quickly approaching to the point to where no other work needs to be done.