I am still waiting on getting the final vocals needed for Delura EP 005.03… I need to start exploring other venues for getting reliable and talented voice actors as new characters make their debuts into the series. One idea someone threw at me was to talk to any theatre instructors or other similar staff at my local college and see if I may be able to get references to students who may be interested, but fall semester isn’t starting until late next week and it isn’t exactly a short drive so exploring that option will need to wait just a little longer.

In the meantime, there are many other things that need to be worked on in preparation of seriously marketing and establishing Delura. My thoughts:


-Update “IKD database” to include images, additional info, and a cleaner layout where applicable.

-Re-do the contribute/donate video to be less tacky and try not to repeat myself 10 freaking times in the video… also cut out some irrelevant/unnecessary stuff. Not looking forward to facing the retina-burning lightbulb again, but the video needs to be replaced and updated to reflect changes and our current project status… I feel the developer forums need to be mentioned as well. Maybe I can just cheat and animate most of it? I felt like I was going to hurl at the end of recording the last video… I’m very sensitive to light and too much makes me nauseated.

-Re-write the contribute/donate page to be more practical, more simplistic. I think any “detail” needs to be in separate links instead of mashed all into one page, or perhaps utilize expandable text code to make detail available without splitting everything up and without cluttering the page.

-Remove synopsis and commentary, place the trailer (with synopsis+link to 1st episode) at the top of the episode list


-I need to find a way to utilize “quick-release” videos as part of the actual Delura series that would strictly focus on utilizing modeling/visual assets that have already been created… modeling/visual is the slowest, most difficult part of the process for me but it is going to take years to become good at it from a production standpoint. By finding a way to play off my strongest, most efficient skillsets (primarily animation) I may be able to produce something on a regular basis between Delura installments. Things like “Dijard’s Super Telethon” and “Enthusiasm does not compute” are examples of shorts I can do in the timeframe of 1 week… but there were almost no new assets that I had to create, which is why production goes so smoothly for those. I want to make something that isn’t “out of character” in any of these types of videos. Unfortunately, all of my current ideas involve things I have to make… ugh!! A lot of Delura’s older content is now what I consider unsuitable for use… there’s just too much that I didn’t know as I was making stuff back then.

-I am undecided as to what I should use for any kind of advertising to another website. One option is to utilize the trailer I created… but Taben isn’t so sure it is up to par with what people would expect in terms of quality… it is a concern of mine as well. Another option is to create a video specifically tied into the advertisement… where if someone clicks on the Delura ad, it goes straight to a miniskit that starts out with Dijard saying like “OMG someone clicked on my ad! LOOK! TENS OF VIEWERS!!! LOOK AT THE CHART!!” (obviously, more thought would go into writing it, heh). But my concern with an idea like that is that it takes the focus away from the fact that Delura is a sci-fi series, and that it is more of a space opera than a comedy… even if it got a lot of views, would I be sending the correct message to viewers? There are many unanswered questions on this front that need to be unveiled.