yeah… re-do #3. While I think attempt #2 is somewhat usable, the poly flow doesn’t give me a whole lot of flexibility with his expressions and i’ve been meaning to experiment with some modeling techniques for a long time but never quite got around to it. The old version won’t be a complete waste, I may re-color/shape it to squeeze out a few more detail extras that will be needed when adding the final touches to 005.03.

…let’s see how this one turns out when it’s done… this may seem trivial to some viewers of this blog, but modeling is something i’ve really struggled with.

Oh, speaking of modeling… I found out that NASA’s website contains a ton of royalty free 3d models of their tools, instruments, and other devices… maybe I can butcher a bunch of them later for Delura, eh?

EDIT: added a progress pic. The poly flow is still a little dicey around the eyes, I wonder if I can get it cleaned up.