In EP 005.03, I’m introducing 3 new characters (as seen on the blog) that only briefly appear for that particular installment, but I as I was working I thought it might be a great opportunity to create a side-story that elaborates on why these characters are at TIMCO, how they got there, and the events prior to them arriving.

I had this idea about a week ago that concerns one possible option for getting regular “canon” content on the Delura website:

Render image Delura comics.

Obviously, the render comic will consist of in-character, in-scene content within the Delura universe, the above is just a sample w/o background. I want to move Delura’s story forward more than what I can do with just video content, even if what I have in mind isn’t necessarily a part of the main plot.

The reason it is so hard to do this with the other characters is that it would be a spoiler to delve into their immediate pasts and/or it would be chronologically confusing… but for these guys I don’t think either of those points will be an issue.

The biggest thing I want to stress is that this should give me a means of providing content *without* pulling time away from production on the video series. I finally have a decent pool of model/texture assets, but there may be a need to build more which is why I’ll be making a new section in the Delura forums which specifically caters to the comic.

Questions? Comments? Put it below!