Before reading the below text, I want to preface that this won’t affect Delura… working on the series is as natural as doing laundry, playing a video game, eating lunch or taking a shower… I work on it because it is ingrained into me as part of my daily life.


As most readers probably know, the majority of the hardware/software utilized to create Delura is quite old and bordering on what many would consider unsuitable for quality 3d in today’s environment. I’ve decided it is time to get serious about my craft and stop denying myself career opportunities as a result of self doubt and negative past experiences in the digital media field. Fear and disappointment have been a very significant part of my professional life… i’ve been fired, displaced, scammed, loop-holed out of employment, bait-switched, blacklisted, physically and verbally abused; every stomach-cringing possibility you can imagine I have been through the very worst of it, and it has tainted my views of the idea that success in any positive light (career-wise) is possible. With my cumulative experiences from the Delura project, those hindering aspects of my life stop now. I am wiser and more aware, so my foresight is going to be essential.

With that said, I will be constructing a digital media demo reel that summarizes as concisely as possible what I am capable of and then actively seeking out work in the digital media field despite the fact that it is highly contested and that there are countless other individuals who possess skills that I could never imagine myself having in my lifetime.

This isn’t going to solve all of the equipment/software issues that affect Delura project, but if I’m ever going to be able to produce content at a decent speed I need upgrades badly…

…and I’m going to work my ass off to get what I need to make it happen.

So, after I complete my reel this weekend I will be putting it up for others to critique while in the meantime forming up my standardized contract, pricing and other business admin-related goodies, and finding any work I can. Most of the funding I earn through freelancing will be going into upgrading my equipment; this is on top of what I already do in my daily life, so I won’t be getting much sleep for a good while.