Work continues… I’ve done a lot of research and watched many other people’s demo reels; I even found this really nifty demo reel guide which helped me out. I think the hardest part about this thus far is simply digging up all of my files and getting all of the work in front of me so I can narrow down what I’d like to include. I completed a fully animated (but very short) text intro… for a modeling reel I wouldn’t bother, but this reel is focused on animation/motion so you’re damn right I’m putting fancy crap in there. I think I’ll be changing the title beneath the name to “3D Animator” or something like that instead of Digital Media Generalist. Even so I may still include some of my better-done models with breakdowns towards the end to show some versatility and that I’m not *entirely* useless as a modeler.

I’ll post the demo reel in the blog when I’m done, but it’ll initially be unlisted until I get my paperwork/contract template squared away.