I got a used computer system from a friend of ours who recently replaced their computer with a better one. For reference, these are the same folks who gave us our short-lived air-conditioning unit last year… short-lived because we were asked to take it out due to “safety regulations”. Ah well.

Anyhow, they told me they have no idea what the computer is exactly, but it looks pretty decent at first glance. The only specs I know right now is that it has a 320gb HD (no data or OS on it yet), 3 gigs of ram, and some really, REALLY weird stuff in it (ram coolers? a brick-sized heat sink? a hole cut into the case to let the heat sink stick out? Weird.). I can’t find out more because looking deeper requires me to transfer parts from my computer to activate the donor one, there’s no labeling or serial numbers to go off of that don’t require dismantling stuff to get to.

If it happens to be better than my system by a large enough degree and I’m satisfied that it is stable, then I’ll be swapping out parts and using it as my primary system. If not, then I am going to use it as an additional render toaster. Either way, this donation is greatly appreciated!!

I’ll post pics and more info about this mysterious computer along with the comic tomorrow.