Telecommuting, of course, heh. Even so I am very excited about this… maybe a little nervous but I’m going to make sure I’m thoroughly prepared as much as possible.

So… “What the hell is this!?” you ask in a savage, rage-filled voice of condemnation?

Basically, every month the San Diego Lightwave Users Group has experienced 2d/3d digital media producers present LIVE, REAL-TIME tutorials that cover extremely useful techniques, tricks, etc. I, a self-proclaimed newb, was asked to come up with a presentation for this group and I gladly accepted… plus it seems like something really cool to put on a resume!

The topic I’m covering is the Linear Animation Workflow process… this is the same animation technique i’ve used since Delura’s pilot episode and I figured it’d be interesting for people to know how I manage to get so much animation done in so little time. My animation method is not a “one size fits all” thing, but there are advantages/disadvantages that are worth pointing out.

The info isn’t posted yet, but the meeting is supposed to be at Sept 22nd, 12-3pm PST and it is not determined whether I’m presenting first or second. The meeting is being conducted via Adobe connect and it’ll basically be feeding my screen’s visuals to the entire group! It works pretty good even with a slower DSL connection; i’ve attended some of these meetings.

If you want more info, check out their site:

I will do the rest of today’s updates here when I get back from college.

EDIT: looks like my updates will have to wait until tomorrow.