I think we need a credits page as one of the links in the sidebar, so I am putting that in my to-do list concerning the Delura website. I am not 100% sure how it will be organized or put together, but I think it’ll be easier to keep track of than having credits scattered all over the place. I think I will still put credits at the very end of an episode (the last sub-installment)… I just feel a centralized area for credits is needed.


-Order it by contributor and what they contributed (IE: Ship models > EP or comic pages used in, etc). If desired, I’ll let contributors give/request images of their work (if applicable) to be made into a hyperlink to that image.


-Order it strictly by episode number… with all contributors for only that installment listed?

-Comic: I am guessing if I don’t go with the first point described above, then this may need its own section.