Delura EP 001-003 now have captions available.

Also, I will be animating the final parts of Delura EP 005.03 over the weekend, after which I am going to have to figure out the exact workflow I want to use for rendering as heavy compositing will be involved.

I plan on doing a tiny blender tutorial video on a basic compositing workflow at some point, as I figure there are probably people out there who are in the same boat as I in that regard. I’ll also see if I can’t whip up a Delura visnotes video at some point… but no promises!
EDIT: Oh, one more thing. Because visual notes can be monetized on YouTube now via my tndstudios account, any future side-updates will be uploaded there instead of “TanadrineStudios” as originally intended. Perhaps I’ll simply “unlist” them as they become outdated or no longer relevant and make them searchable via this website.