As a fellow series creator, I’ve been following Lewis Roscoe’s work on this independently produced sci-fi series for a while, and I am more than happy to share the efforts of the insane amount of work the frontier team has put into their pilot episode here on the Delura website.

(For Part 2 of pilot, click here)

There are things here and there I could nitpick… the old version of the series (done in 2d) had a special quality to it that I don’t think the new design really captures (yet). Over time I’d like to see some focus in improving the animation overall (hey I’m an animator so I have to say it!)… it is way better than when the series was 2d, but the animation quality is very far behind the visual quality… it feels imbalanced at times.

There are a lot of things I like about the changes though. The character dialogue seems to introduce the viewer to the characters and setting way better off the bat. Now we know… *before* we get thrown into the action the bare-minimum info (which I know is intended to build up later) about why the two factions are fighting. I also like that Mary’s dialogue was given some love:

“Well Maya didn’t really work out… the service was terrible, the food was lousy, and then the Dakota showed up and tried to kill everyone.”

In general this is a huge improvement and I wish Roscoe and the team the best of luck in moving forward with their new series!

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Finally, for those who’d like to see a glimpse of what this show used to look like, check out the Indie Highlights video I did for the series.