Uploading our 3d projects to newgrounds is something i’ve wanted to do for a long time, but every time I checked it seemed to be “in development” or “dropped” or “Oh wait we changed our minds!”… I think the guys over at NG have really been wrapping their heads around this concept and I finally found out that they are indeed accepting video submissions now!

But it was “invite-only”. So, I e-mailed NG staff and asked them, after providing a sample of our work (posted as an FLV on NG), to enable video-uploads for us. And they did!… within 9 minutes of emailing them!

Newgrounds, concerning exposure, is far better than YouTube for many reasons:

-The community is far more active concerning voting, constructive criticism, and making the producer aware of what is good and what isn’t. The way NG is set up strongly encourages every viewer to make their opinion heard.

-NG is known for being almost entirely exclusive to animated projects, and Delura’s target audience meshes well with NG’s viewers. On YouTube, we’re competing with videos that have nothing to do with animation, sci-fi, or otherwise. This means more viewers and better, more compatible audience targeting.

We will still be uploading to YouTube, but we will now also be uploading to NG and I would not be surprised if it became the primary source of viewership for the Delura webseries.

Because we have a pretty slow internet connection, and that NG submissions are limited to 2 per day, I estimate it’ll take about 1-2 weeks to get everything posted. I also have to convert all my video content to mp4… which is WAY better than FLV.