Still working on rendering. I’ve been running into a few snags where I rendered the wrong objects in the wrong sequence and it is frustrating to lose 24+ hours of rendering due to stupid mistakes. One example is a scene involving Rudo on the bike… because I neglected to render the background details before the foreground details, compositing background details in resulted in background elements overlapping foreground elements. There’s also tricky spots such as the Holographic arrow path… it is a pain in the ass getting composited elements to behave when the arrows pass over stuff. It sucks having to do cartwheels and stuff just to get very basic, otherwise simple things working.

EDIT: I’ve managed to figure out a way to get around re-rendering by making a few more mask layers which will basically target the foreground/background elements so that they display correctly. I’m going to end up with a spaghetti-mess of nodes in Blender, but I suppose it is better than nothing. I’m also learning a lot about masking techniques in general.