Don’t have anything to show at the moment; Delura EP 005.03 is very close to being done.

I don’t want to leave people in the dark as I work, so I may as well type my thoughts on what will happen after EP 005.03 gets done:

1) Delura Render Comics will run again, weekly or bi-weekly, continuing where I left off with the Bandits to Tor arc.

2) Website update. There is a lot of information that needs to be copy/pasted from my brain to this website concerning the Delura universe, its inhabitants, and other stuff. This will serve a dual purpose: Fans will be able to get more info about Delura, and it will provide contributors with the information necessary to help develop content if they want. If only I had a telepathic input device… there is so much that has not been told. I hope with the next website update to go into even greater detail… like perhaps what the planets and galactic structures look like, better writeups (IE: for race writeups, I could organize the content by “Society, Physical traits, Homeplanet environment, etc). Some of the new content will require some 2d color concept art… I’m hoping I can come up with an art style that is both appealing, but at the same time doesn’t require a ton of time to do. Of course, if anyone reading this post happens to be a talented concept artist and would be interested in helping me out, please feel free to contact me!

One other detail is that I will need to place ads on the website to help cover the costs of operation for Delura. I know a lot of people won’t like this idea, and I will do my best to make certain that the ads do not interfere with the core purpose of our website, which is to provide a unique brand of quality sci-fi entertainment that cannot be found anywhere else on this entire planet. Right now, I don’t possess the knowledge in web design to allow a “no-ad” version of the website to people who have donated… but if given the opportunity I’d like all people who donate to be able to visit the site ad-free. I think the best way to go about it is to try to make the ads as integrated as possible… like putting in Delura-style borders or something.

3) With the webpage properly updated, we will start the Kickstarter campaign… i’ve talked a lot about it already and will keep everyone well informed as to how I plan to go about doing it and take in suggestions as I always have. The current planned goal to set is $5000; barely enough to cover a significant hardware/software upgrade that will greatly increase the speed and quality at which we can produce content. If the funding fails, I will be using the current donation funds and some of my own cash to purchase a refurbished system or whatever is decent for ~$400… because even a used, old system today is better than my athlon 64 dual core.

4) Production on EP 005.04 will begin afterward… by this time I will have integrated all of my project files into dropbox and most of the people who have contributed to the project thus far will have access to everything. I figure if people can trust me enough to give me the results of their hard work, then they can be trusted with the results of mine. The reason for this is that after the kickstarter we will have our first “for-sale” products on the Delura website. Over time, I’d like to have the following for sale on the site:

-Premium comic arcs. These would be somewhere between 12-20 pages like (similarly done like the Bandits to Tor comic), and we’re looking at selling batches of pages at $2-5

-Premium episodes/shorts. These I think we could price at ~$10. Specific details are hazy at this time.

-Merch. I’d like to eventually have some Delura merch for sale, but this can only happen as more content gets developed.

Combine the above with allowing contributors to create their own stories/products, and I could really see this idea benefiting everyone involved in the Delura production team. For instance, having the project files handy someone could take a few of the environments i’ve created, pose/paint characters, make 20 pages, and sell it through this website to get a majority of the earnings made.

That’s it for now, I’ll spill more thoughts as they run through me.