I managed to fix the render comic so it works again! Yay! It wasn’t as simple as I had hoped, but normality is restored. So much work left to do. I’ll edit this post if I get anything more done today.

(By the way, I’m thinking from now on I’ll have the text situated like this for my text posts… less scrolling required that way.

EDIT1: Added Delura EP 005.03 to the 005 page. I’ve decided to hold off replacing youtube videos with our own hosted versions of them until I can get everything situated.

EDIT2: I have added Vox’s bio page to go along with Aiden and Rudo’s. When the new website navigation functionality is in place the character bios will be in their own section.

EDIT3: I added glowey text!… it still needs adjustments; i’m having to go through the website’s CSS file and comment what everything does since wordpress devs were too lazy to do it for me.

EDIT4: Nevermind the strange looking, out of place text… I’m experimenting!

EDIT5: AAAaand I have a huge headache. I’ll smash my head against the website tomorrow… there’s a few kinks on my end that I need to fix before I can revise navigation. I’ve determined that while having a flash-driven navigation top bar would be cool… it is just too damn complicated to figure out how to get it to expand over the html elements of the page.