-Made Delura’s website 3-column for extra space.
-Added a few new filler buttons for now.
-Some new pages have been created and are accessible via the top navigation menu
-Added… ads! Not an exciting feature, but remember that the modest revenue they generate will simply be re-invested into the Delura project. If something needs to be replaced, or I need something upgraded in the long run, that’s where it really helps us out.


-Some of the buttons I added do not yet have pages ready (they take you back to the front page, basically). This includes the presskit page, races flash menu, the remaining character bios, animated shorts page, and the credits page.
-The new banner needs to be created and put in place of the old one. Taben and ShadowMystic helped me design the new typeface, and I think it’ll really spruce things up. The old banner is also too small for the new layout.
-The number of pages that display at a time will be reduced a bit to optimize front page load time. I think I’ll tone it back down to 6 entries.
-Because the 3-column setup allows more space, I’ll be adding the sidebars to all of the Delura pages. Previously, they were disabled.

EDIT: I am going to need to learn how to choose/block/control the ads that appear on the site. Just know that I am working on it.